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About Us

About Us

Introduction to Mezaya:

Located in the heart of Mumbai, Mezaya is more than just a Baklava destination.

Opening its doors in the year 2018, Mezaya is one of the first and amongst the very few food brands that offer Freshly Baked and Beautifully Handcrafted Traditional Mediterranean  Baklavas.

At Mezaya, we believe that true inspiration comes from traditional recipes. In our pursuit to showcase the most authentic Mediterranean desserts, we lay emphasis on quality, sophistication, simplicity and attention to every detail.


Who are we?

 We take pride in being the curator of 100% Vegetarian Desserts using natural and the richest of ingredients directly sourced from the Mediterranean region with no added additives and preservatives. You can choose from our range of crispy and deliciously Handcrafted Baklavas, also available in an assortment combination of all. Keeping in mind the Indian pallet, at the heart of our desserts, we have crafted these Baklavas. The authenticity will surprise you while the flavors will keep you craving for more.